This page is for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint against A2converter. Please note, before filing a complaint the agent can directly contact us and we can solve the copyright infringement if our site contains any.

But we can confirm, we haven’t hosted any video, image, or content from any other site. Hence A2converter is a tool-based site that can only be used for personal accounts and content.

We have mentioned on every tool page : (Note: downloading any content without permission of the creator is illegal unless it’s copyright-free. But A2converter can be used for personal use.)

Personal use means, users can download videos from their own accounts or channels which they have created and this is totally legal. But A2converter doesn’t encourage users to download from other Youtube or Tiktok accounts unless it’s copyright-free or the creator allowed.

So before complaining please read our DMCA terms, or contact us directly:

Again we repeat to users this tool is for personal usage only, Users cant download other creator’s content without their permission.

This is how we can fix the DMCA issue if our site is involved?

  • We will take the complaint party’s suggestion first.
  • We can block access to copyright material.
  • We can block access to certain countries.

For details about, Our site contains 2 tools pages:

1- (Tiktok downloader)

Downloading a video from Tiktok is totally legal if the user has enabled the download option to download video and our A2converter only encourages users to download content to which they have the right.

2- (YouTube Converter)

This is limited to only content right holders, Users can only download video which is copyright-free or only from their own channel.